Getting Twins to Nap in Toddler Beds

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Napping in toddler beds

Here are a few tips that helped us get our twin girls back into their nap schedule after introducing them to a toddler bed.

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Moving Twins to Toddler Beds

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Moving twins to toddler beds

Once your toddler climbs out of the crib once, it’s only a matter of time before you’ll need a toddler bed. But you might be able to squeeze an extra few months out of that baby crib.

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Weaning Off of the Pacifier

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Weaning Pacifier

Getting our toddlers off of their pacifiers is a monumental milestone… but they aren’t going out without a fight.

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Could it be a Night Terror?

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Baby sleeping

Olivia has always been a great sleeper, but lately she’s been waking up inconsolable. Could this be a night terror?

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Making the Best of a Bad Vacation

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Cinderella's Castle Magic Kingdom

Our much-needed family vacation to Disney World and Vero Beach turned out to be anything but relaxing. Somehow our stress level increased thanks to a stomach bug.

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Flying with Twin Toddlers

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Flying with Toddlers

I survived my first flying experience with twins. Here are some of the preparations and strategies we used to fly with our 17-month old toddlers, including what worked and what we would do differently next time.

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How to Get Twins to Sleep Through the Night

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How to get twins to sleep through the night

No one can really prepare you for what it is like to go night after night without consistent sleep.  I look back at those first few months of being a brand new parent to twins and it is all a blur. I was running on autopilot breast pumping, making bottles, burping babies, and wiping baby butts.  I was bumping into […]

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