1st Haircut at Snip-its in Southington, CT

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Kids Salon CT

We brought Andrew for his first haircut at Snip-its in Southington, CT.

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Andrew’s Rookie of the Year 1st Birthday Party

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Baseball Birthday Party

We celebrated Andrew’s first birthday with a baseball themed Rookie of the Year Party. Read all about the details that went into his party.

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How to Plan for Cake Smash Pictures

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How to plan for a Cake Smash

Tips to plan Cake Smash Pictures.

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Why didn’t they tell me birthdays would be so hard?

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First Birthdays are Hard

The first birthday brings along mixed emotions.

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Baby’s 1st Christmas Themed Gifts

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Christmas Gifts for Baby

15 of my favorite themed gifts for baby’s first Christmas.

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Send a Birth Announcement to the White House

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Birth Announcement to President

I recently sent Andrew’s birth announcement to the White House and in less than a month we received a raised seal response signed by President Obama and Michelle Obama.

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Weaning Off of the Pacifier

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Weaning Pacifier

Getting our toddlers off of their pacifiers is a monumental milestone… but they aren’t going out without a fight.

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When Does a Baby Become a Toddler?

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I look at my girls and still think they are babies. Then I look at my friend’s newborns and realize that it’s been a long time since I had a helpless little baby. We used to cheer when the girls would turn their heads during tummy time. Now, I have two crazy little monkeys who […]

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