1st Haircut at Snip-its in Southington, CT

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A few weeks ago we brought in Andrew for his first haircut. I had been holding off on this milestone until after his first birthday. I didn’t want to cut away his baby locks but I also knew that he was starting to look a little untidy. We brought him to Snip-Its in Southington, CT for his first haircut.

Snip-its Children's Salon CT

This was the first time I’ve brought in any of my kids in for a haircut. My girls are three-years-old and have never gotten a haircut. I wasn’t sure what to expect; whether he would be scared or if he’d sit nicely. Thankfully everything wen’t smoothly.

It was a last minute decision so I didn’t call ahead. We went on a Sunday morning and waited about twenty minutes. I appreciated that they were open on Sundays since other local kids salons are closed.

The salon is very kid-friendly. Everything is in bright colors with cartoon faces. There is a TV in the waiting area and small toys for purchase. Children's Hair Salons in CT

When it was Andrew’s turn, I strapped him into the stylist’s chair. I knew that I wanted to keep his hair a little longer but just clean everything up. I even came prepared with Pinterest Pins on my phone.

Snip-its Hair Salon

Kids Hair Salon in CT


I let Andrew use his pacifier during the haircut. In retrospect I should have come with a small toy to keep his hands busy. Our stylist allowed him to hold her lanyard and that seemed to keep him engaged.

Snip-its First Haircut

Snip-its offers a first haircut package. It includes a before and after picture, certificate, and a lock of hair to take home. Since I brought along my camera I chose not to purchase the package. The stylist was nice enough to give me a lock of his hair to take home for the baby book. They also offer a coupon for first-time visits.

photo 2 (2)

Andrew did surprisingly well for his first hair cut. His hair looks so much better but I do have to admit that it’s still hard to see his baby hair go. He looks like such a big boy now.

Boy 1st Haircut

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