Father’s Day Gifts 2014

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Father’s Day is right around the corner. I know after the special Mother’s Day I had that I’m going to have to make my hubby feel equally as important on his special day. I want to do something heartfelt with help from our kids, but also would like to get him a little something to show how much I appreciate him every day.

Father's Day Gifts

Here are some great Father’s Day gifts to make the daddy in your life feel extra loved this year.

Sports-Themed BBQ Tools

What man doesn’t love to grill? I’m not sure if it’s the thrill of the open flame,throwing on a giant slab of meat, or just having a few moments of peace in front of the fire, but grilling seems to be a universal male passion. So when I saw these sports-themed BBQ tools I knew my hubby needed to have them. They combine two of his favorite things: sports and grilling. Sounds like a happy daddy to me!

Apple TV

If your man is anything like my  man then there are at least three internet-connected devices in every room of your house. An Apple TV is a great gift for any tech-buff. It discretely hooks up to your TV and allows you to connect to your iTunes account to watch your favorite TV shows and videos. If you have an iPhone or iPad then you can also share what you’re looking at on the big screen with their AirPlay feature. It’s also reasonably priced for a great piece of technology.

Personalized Stylist Subscription

Bombfell Clothing Subscription

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Men hate to shop, but everyone loves getting new clothes. I know I always walk with a little bit more bounce when I have on something brand new. Personalized shoppers are a hot new way to get clothes sent to your home without setting foot in a store. They are hand selected for you by a stylist. All you have to do is provide your measurements, answer questions about your style, and provide a picture. There are several different companies out there that specialize in men’s fashion. I personally have only used bombfell.com, and so far I’ve been pleased. You can buy a one-time gift or recurring monthly membership.


I recently bought the Soda Stream starter kit for Chris’ birthday and it’s been a hit. It’s convenient, has less calories than traditional soda, and actually tastes good. So far we like the root beer, orange, and sparkling cranberry juice the best. Even if you aren’t a soda drinker you can still enjoy sparkling water and juices.

Jambox Wireless Speaker

I love eating and entertaining outside and music always helps get the party started, but there is just no easy way to bring music outside without carrying out something big and clunky. Our yard isn’t wired for music and my phone and computer are never loud enough to entertain with. A Jambox speaker is the perfect way to bring some entertainment outdoors. These little speakers pack some serious sound. They are wireless and portable so you can take them anywhere. They come in several fun colors and sell for an affordable price.

Do you have any fun things planned for dad this year or any great gift ideas?


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