Homemade Father’s Day Book

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I love homemade gifts. I think they are the most thoughtful and unique. I already got my hubby something from my list of Father’s Day gift ideas but I also wanted to make him something from the heart. I think it’s something he’ll really appreciate and can cherish for years to come.

Toddler Father's Day Craft

Since my toddlers say some really funny things I thought it would be a great idea to capture this precious time. I asked them a few questions All About Daddy, wrote down their answers on pieces of cardstock, had them hold their answers while I took their photo and edited the pictures with captions from PicMonkey. I put all the pictures together and created a photobook using Shutterfly.

Here’s a sneak peek into his Father’s Day gift.

Cover Photo

Father's Day DIY Craft

The Authors

 Juliette Elizabeth  Olivia Grace

What’s Daddy’s favorite color?

Favorite Color - Jules  Favorite Color - Olivia 

What’s Daddy’s favorite animal?

Favorite Animal - Olivia DIY Father's Day Book

What’s your favorite thing to do with Daddy?

 Favorite Activity - OliviaFavorite Activity- Jules

 What’s Daddy’s favorite sport?

Favorite Sport - Olivia 

  Favorite Sport - Juliette

 Where does Daddy work?

Work - Jules  Work- Olivia

What’s Daddy’s favorite food?

Favorite Food - OliviaFavorite Food- Jules

 We couldn’t forget about Andrew


Andrew 2

The end product came out so cute. I know Chris will love it!

What do you have planned for Father’s Day? Are you trying any homemade gifts of your own?

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