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I learned I was having twins when I was 6 weeks pregnant. I had started having spotting earlier that week and went for an ultrasound to make sure everything was going well.  I was worried that the spotting was an early miscarriage. I was just hoping to see a heartbeat. Little did I know that there would be TWO heartbeats!  When the ultrasound tech referred to the baby as “Baby A” I knew immediately that there was more than one. Chris was in shock and didn’t really speak for hours. I was so relieved to see those beating little hearts that I wasn’t scared about how many babies there were inside of me.

Twin Pregnancy Products

My pregnancy progressed quickly.  By 8 weeks I was already in maternity clothes.  By 10 weeks there was no disguising my new burgeoning belly. I quickly became obsessed with all things twins.  What would I name them?  Would I dress them in matching clothes? What kinds of twin baby products would I need?

A twin pregnancy is certainly unique, and my pregnancy was no exception.  Here are my must have purchases and products that helped make my twin pregnancy a little bit easier.

Pregnancy Pillow

I’m a stomach sleeper, but when you’re pregnant they recommend that you sleep on your side.  This pillow helped me sleep on my side and also helped me survive pregnancy bed rest.  I wish I could still sleep with this pillow today not being pregnant.  The downside of the pillow is that it’s huge.  I have a queen bed and it took up more than half of the bed, but it’s worth it.  Also, I’ve read that it’s a pain to get the cover back on once you wash it.  I just washed the whole pillow with case on.

Belly Band

I wore a belly band almost every day in the beginning of my pregnancy.  I had one in nude and one in black.  The idea behind them is that you can wear your pre-pregnancy pants with the button open using a belly band to hide everything.  I never felt comfortable with my button open, even if I had the belly band on.  I would wear the belly band on top of maternity pants to smooth everything out.  It’s also great to add a little length under you shirts so you can still wear your pre-pregnancy tops or to keep maternity pants from sagging down.

Pregnancy Belt

I started feeling really uncomfortable around 15 weeks.  It was a struggle just to walk around.  My midwife recommended a pregnancy belt.  Some of those belts just look ridiculous.  I didn’t want to look like I was carrying lumbar at Home Depot, but wanted something practical that worked.  This belt was both.  I couldn’t have worked as long as I did as a teacher without this belt.

When You’re Expecting Twins, Triplets or Quads

I would recommend this book to anyone expecting multiples.  It explains why twin pregnancies are so unique and gives practical suggestions. They really stress the need to gain weight in the first half of your pregnancy because of the possibility of premature birth.  There are even healthy recipes in the back that will help you gain weight in a healthy way.

Bra Band Extender

When I was pregnant my cup size stayed pretty much the same, but my band size increased. I didn’t want to buy all new bras especially since I wasn’t sure what size I was going to be while nursing. Instead I opted for these bra band extenders. They’re cheap and extend the life of your pre-pregnancy bras until you have to opt for nursing bras. They also come in 2-hook or 4-hook depending on your bra.

Heating Pad

Being pregnant with twins was tough on my body. I had plenty of aches and pains. I used a heating pad to help relieve some of the back pain I was experiencing, especially while I was on bed rest. I liked this heating pad because it fit my back well and it had a belt that allowed it to be worn unplugged.

Dad’s Guide to Twins

When my husband and I first learned we were expecting twins we were both stunned. I just kept repeating “Oh My God!” over and over again, but my husband went silent. I was so relieved that everything was okay with the baby (babies!) but I’m sure he had a lot more racing through his mind. This book helps answer a lot of the questions Dads of twins have.

Preggie Pop Drops

I regretted not finding these drops earlier into my pregnancy.  I had morning sickness throughout my first trimester and was nauseous morning, noon, and night.  Just the thought of food made me sick to my stomach.  As soon as I would feel the nausea coming on I reached for these drops and was immediately soothed.  I had a box in my purse, on my nightstand, in the kitchen, anywhere that I was going to be.

Twin Pregnancy and Beyond

Most pregnancy information is geared to carrying a singleton.  This website offers great information dedicated to expecting twins and then life after birth.  I used to spend tons of time looking at pictures of twins, comparing the size of my belly to posted pictures, and reading up on what to expect once the twins arrive.

Old Navy Maternity

Old-Navy-Logo 4

When I started looking for maternity clothes I was shocked at the prices. I couldn’t believe what they were charging for clothes that would only be used for a few months.  That’s when I started shopping at Old Navy for my maternity clothes.  They have great prices and a large selection, especially online. You could certainly find higher quality items at different stores, but for the limited amount of time that I was wearing the clothes I didn’t care.  I was able to stock my whole closet in clothes appropriate for work and hanging out on the weekends.  I usually waited until they had their 30% off sale (happens every few weeks) and I would buy a large order.  I bought a lot of clothes online.  The reviews online were really helpful in determining what size to buy, and when I was unhappy with a fit or style I was able to return it to my local store.  They also have pretty cute baby clothes too!

What were some of your must have items for your twin pregnancy?

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