Toddler Travel Toys and Entertainment

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Toddler Travel Toys and Entertainment

When we booked our recent trip to Florida I was very concerned how our 17-month-old twins would do on the plane.  They’ve been having their “terrible one” tantrums on a daily basis and I was nervous that they were going to break down on our flight.  Thankfully all of my planning paid off and the girls did great on the plane.

One of my most important tips for flying with twin toddlers was being armed with an abundant supply of entertainment to keep everyone busy and happy.  Some things worked better than others.  Here is my review of my favorite toddler toys and entertainment for traveling with toddlers, and some things that weren’t as big of a hit.

Crayola Color Wonder Set

These markers only work on the specially designed paper. There is no worry about getting everything covered in marker. Once you’re done traveling this is a great option to bring out to dinner too.


The iPad was probably the best thing we brought along on our trip.  Not only did it help us on our flight, but it also helped us survive our eventful vacation.  There are a ton of educational and fun apps that you can download for your little one, and even a few great features for mom and dad too!

GiggleBellies App

Favorite Toddler App for Traveling

The iPad would not have been as effective without the GiggleBellies app.  This came highly recommended by a friend, and it was a lifesaver!  There are several different videos that you can preview and then purchase for $.99 -$1.99.  They play songs that you won’t be able to get out of your head and your kids will dance and go crazy for them.  Our favorite was “Down By the Bay.”

Travel Shape Sorter

My kids are easily entertained by fitting shapes into holes. I love that this shape sorter is small enough to travel. It has two sides of activities. It’s soft, light-weight, and easy to bring along while traveling. Your little one can even carry it themselves by the handle.

Kid Headphones

We bought these headphones so that our neighbors on the plane wouldn’t get annoyed by the kid songs.  We practiced wearing them before the flight so that the girls would get used to having something on their head.  They’re also pretty cute.  We got the tiger and bear pairs.

Finger Puppets

These finger puppets were a surprise hit, especially with Olivia.  You get 10 super cute animals for less than $3!  They entertained my girls for much longer than expected.  These would even make a great stocking stuffer or Easter basket gift.  The only thing I would caution is that they have little beaded eyes that could potentially be a choking hazard.  They aren’t recommended for children under 3 so I’ll be sure to supervise my girls when we play.

Fisher Price Elephant Doodler

I had high hopes for this doodler.  The large “pen” is perfect for toddler hands and it has an easy eraser.  Unfortunately, my girls weren’t too impressed with this toy.  At 17 months (15 months adjusted for prematurity), I think they might still be too young to enjoy it.  We’ll pull it out again in a few months and see if there is a difference in their interest level.

Light-Up Bouncy Ball

This light-up ball was surprisingly entertaining.  I would bang it on the tray tables and it would light up and change colors.  I’ve even seen wands with the light-up ball at the end.  You would obviously not worry about the wand bouncing around the airplane.

 Munchkin Snack Catchers

I realize that these aren’t toys but they were a great distraction while on the plane.  I just filled them with Goldfish and the girls ate them one by one and kept busy for a while.  The lid helped to prevent spills. Snacks are super important on a plane, so come armed with lots of their favorite things.

Board Books

My girls love to pretend to read.  They especially love touch and feel books.  Bringing along some familiar books helped to keep them calm and quiet – two priceless things when you’re on a plane.

 Dora Light-Up Toy

Dora Light-Up Toy

This toy was good to distraction to an irritable toddler.  I found it at Target for around $5.  The toy lights up and spins, but is pretty quiet.  It was also great to bring along to Disney during all of their night shows.

Stickers & Coloring Books

Dollar Store Stickers

I bought a pack of stickers and coloring books from the dollar store not really thinking that the girls would enjoy them, but to my surprise they were a big hit.  I just had the girls place the stickers in the book.  It was their first time playing with stickers and it kept them entertained for longer than I would have thought.

Use What You Have

Toys for traveling with toddler

There were moments of panic when we grabbed whatever was around us just to avoid a meltdown.  The Sky Mall magazine, pacifiers, plastic cups and straws, food, and a pair of child sunglasses all came in handy to distract our busy girls.

What are some of your favorite travel toys?

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