Love List June 2014

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Love List June 2014

June has been a very busy month for us. It felt like every weekend was filled with great day trips and even some fun nights out with friends. Check out 5 of my favorite things about this month.

Baby Giggles

Andrew giggled for the first time this month. Every parent will tell you that there is nothing like the sound of your baby’s first giggles. It’s a sound that can turn any lousy day around.


Elizabeth Park Rose Garden 154

Summer is finally here! Personally I’m much more of a Spring and Fall lover, but since having two busy two-year-olds I’ve learned to embrace summer. I love how we can spend the whole day outside and burn off that extra energy that makes them ready for a nap. I love cooking lighter food outside on the grill. I love all the outdoor day trips we can take. I love seeing all the blooming flowers brightening up my yard and the sun staying out late.


Instagram ct_mommy_blog

I’ve recently gotten on board the Instagram train. I love taking pictures with my phone so it only makes sense that I’d love to share them on Instagram. Follow me at ctmommyblogger.

Silver Spoon Delivery

Silver Spoon Delivery

Since becoming parents to three kids under three, things have become a little busier. I do my best to cook as often as I can but sometimes I just need a break from the kitchen. Bringing our family out to a restaurant isn’t the easiest choice and fast food isn’t the healthiest option. That’s why I love the convenience of Silver Spoon. It’s a food delivery service that brings you food from a number of your favorite restaurants who don’t deliver. You pay a service fee and gratuity. You can place your order online or through phone. In my opinion it’s totally worth not having to cook, bring three kids out to dinner, or even leave my house. Our food is always hot and on time.

Orange is the New Black

Orange Is the New Black Season 2

Chris and I were so excited that the new season of OITNB was released this month that we watched the whole season in two weeks. I can’t pinpoint exactly what intrigues me about the show, but I know I’m not alone. Almost everyone I know watches the show and loves it. If you’re also a fan then you’d enjoy these 23 Surprising Facts.

It’s only the beginning of summer. I’m excited for what next month will bring. Do you have any suggestions on anything new I should try for next month’s Love List?

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