Homemade Ice Pops

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It’s been a HOT summer! One of our favorite ways to stay cool is with frozen treats.  We love ice cream and frozen yogurt (who doesn’t?), but with two little ones, that often leads to a sticky mess.  Popsicles are a good alternative, but I question the amount of added sugar and artificial dyes in the ingredients.  So naturally when I came across these nifty Sesame Street Freez’R pop bags when I was walking through Walmart last week I did not hesitate to throw them into my cart.

Homemade Ice Pops

They replace the traditional freezer pops that we all grew up with.  You know the kind.  They have bright colors and an extra sweet taste when you get to the melted end.  I can remember ripping off the plastic end with my bare teeth (my orthodontist would be so proud!) and having multiple in one day. While I don’t see anything wrong with occasionally indulging in the original freezer pop, I do love that I can make my own ice pops at home without any unwanted ingredients.

Homemade Apple Ice Pop

The concept is simple.  You fill the slender bag using the funnel with whatever liquid you’d like — juice, smoothie, fruit and yogurt. I made my homemade freezer pops using organic apple juice and diluted it with water. Pop it into the freezer and in a few hours you have a healthy homemade frozen treat.

Homemade Ice Pops

Olivia approves!

If you can’t find the Sesame Street brand bags, check out Zipzicles. They are another brand of ice pop bags sold.

Do you have any creative ways to stay cool this summer? I would love to hear them.


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