Favorite Toys for Two Year Olds

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I’m always on the lookout for ways to keep my two-year-old twins entertained.  For my girls’ second birthday they received several toys that were good quality and seem like they will be played with for years to come.

Toys for 2 year olds

Here is a list of our favorite toys for two-year-olds.

Play Kitchen

A play kitchen seems to  be one of the most popular presents for two-year-olds. They come in all different price points, sizes, and features.  We bought the KidKraft Uptown Kitchen. I read many reviews and thought it was the best play kitchen for twins or two children.  It is made of wood, large enough for two children to play together side-by-side, and gender neutral. This will be a toy that will be around for years to come.

Shopping Cart

Push carts seem to be a big hit with most kids this age.  The Melissa & Doug Shopping Cart is a favorite.  It looks exactly like a mini version of the real thing and is made from a durable metal.  Just keep an eye out for your walls with active toddlers!

Disney Princess Palace

The Disney Princess Castle is a clear favorite in our house.  The girls had this before their 2nd birthday and still play with it regularly. It only comes with two princesses so buying additional Little People Princesses is a good idea.  Each princess has several phrases and songs that they sing. It’s really a cute toy.

Cozy Coupe

I actually found our Cozy Coupe on the side of the road (yeah, I picked it out of someone’s trash). After a good scrub down it was as good as new. My girls love racing down the driveway in their little car. They even push each other in it or climb in together while I push them.

Pull Toys

When one of my twins started dragging a sneaker around the house by the laces I knew it was time to invest in a pull toy.  We have Plan Toys Dancing Alligator.  The girls love pulling this toy around the house.  It’s made of wood and makes a slight clicking sound as it moves across the floor. It’s definitely a favorite. I’ve even bought it as a gift for friends.

GiggleBellies DVD

GiggleBellies is a big hit in our house.  We have the app on our iPads and the girls go crazy for the videos. It was even a lifesaver for our plane ride to Disney this past summer. When I discovered that they had a series of DVDs I was immediately sold.  I now pop in one of the DVDs while I’m making dinner and everyone is happy.

Mega Bloks

My girls love building with these blocks. They are able to play independently and stay entertained for a while. They even enjoy helping clean up when they’re done!


A wagon is a great alternative to using a stroller.  My girls started protesting their stroller around 18 months. The wagon is great to bring along during short walks, trips to farms or fairs, and it was especially helpful during trick-or-treating.  I think that kids don’t feel as restricted in a wagon as they might feel strapped into a stroller.  Look for a wagon that has a door for easy access, storage for mom and kids.  There are wagons for two kids and even wagons for three kids.

Water Table

The weather is just starting to warm up and already I’m planning on how we’re going to be spending our long summer days.  Last year one of our favorite summer activities was playing with the water table. Water tables come in a wide range of features and prices. Grandma bought us the Step 2 Tropical Island Resort. The girls loved playing with the little dolls and toys that came with the set.  I think this year they will appreciate more of the features. I like that it comes with an umbrella and is large enough for multiple toddlers to play together.

Toddler Bath Towels

I think we kept our girls in baby towels for a little too long.  Of course we could just use regular bath towels, but these toddler bath towels are too cute to pass up.  They’re more absorbent than our original baby towels and come in really cute designs.  I think we’re going to have to pick up a few more.


We got the girls a slide when we realized they were sliding down our basement Bilco doors for fun.  We put it together inside one night just to show it to the girls and it never made its way outside. It turns out that having a slide in your living room, while unattractive, is a very good way at keeping toddlers entertained.

Which toys would make your list? I’d love to hear about toys that last the test of time. Check out some of their first birthday presents that are still favorites in our house.

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