5 Ways I’m Enjoying My Second Pregnancy

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I’m so excited to be pregnant again and get a second chance to do things I wasn’t able to last time. My pregnancy with the twins was less than ideal.  I was on bed rest beginning at 25 weeks and missed out on a lot of the experiences that I wish I had.  I didn’t get to help much with the nursery before the girls came and I never got to “nest.”

14 Weeks Pregnant with Twins

This time around I really want to take advantage of being pregnant.  There is a good chance that this will be my last pregnancy and I want to cherish it as much as I can.  I know that I’ll miss being pregnant when it’s over. I immediately missed it after the girls were born, one of the reasons why I wanted to have another baby so quickly.

There were a few thing that I wish I would have done when I was pregnant with the twins that I want to do this time.

Take Weekly Pictures

I don’t have a lot of pictures of my pregnancy with the twins, and I regret it.  I had no idea that the girls would come so early and always felt like I had more time. I’m always the person behind the camera taking pictures of friends and family.  It’s awkward for me to be the person posing. This time around I promised to take a weekly picture of my growing belly.  Even if I don’t look perfect, I know I’ll appreciate having pictures to document my changing body and celebrate this pregnancy.

Keep a Journal

In the first few weeks of being pregnant with the girls I wrote down information about my doctors appointments.  I love being able to look back and see what questions I had as a first-time expecting mother.  This time around, I want to journal more of my feelings about the pregnancy.  I’ve been keeping a log of milestones in the pregnancy and my reactions.  I know it will be fun to look back on later.

Moisturize My Belly

I was lucky not to get too many stretchmarks when I was pregnant with the twins.  It could have been luck or good genes, but I don’t want to test my luck a second time.  I’ve been trying to moisturize my belly after every shower hoping to avoid dreaded stretchmarks. I’m not a big fan of cocoa butter scent, so I’ve been using Earth Mama Body Butter.  It smells like an orange creamsicle and feels great. Let’s hope it also continues to keep the stretchmarks away.

Drink More Water

Last pregnancy I ended up with kidney stones TWICE. It was the worst pain that I have ever experienced, even worse than my labor pains. It’s apparently very common in pregnant women.  The only real way to avoid getting them is to stay hydrated.  This pregnancy I definitely want to do everything in my power to drink enough water and avoid kidney stones.

Prenatal Yoga

I really enjoy yoga and thought it could help with the aches and pains of pregnancy.  I started prenatal yoga at 12 weeks and really enjoy it.  Not only did I learn positions to help ease new pains (sciatica, ouch!), but it is also a bonding time with the baby.  Being the mommy to two-year-old twins doesn’t leave much time to focus on this pregnancy.  Prenatal yoga is a great opportunity to stop and connect with baby.

What would you do differently with a pregnancy? Do you have suggestions on ways I can slow down and enjoy this pregnancy more?

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