Whippersnapper’s Play Gym in Cheshire, CT

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360 Sandbank Road – Cheshire, CT  203-272-4386

Disclaimer: Whippersnapper’s provided my family with complimentary admission. All thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.

The kids and I recently went to Open Play at Whippersnapper’s Play Gym in Cheshire, CT. It’s a great place for indoor fun for kids ages 1- 12. They offer an array of different classes (including mommy and me and prenatal yoga), activities, camps and birthday party options. It’s the perfect place to visit during a cold or rainy day, or when you’re just looking for something different to do.

Whippersnapper's Play Gym


I’ve always brought in my stroller into Whippersnapper’s just because it’s more convenient than trying to wrangle all of my kids alone through a parking lot. However, you do have to park the stroller in the main lobby because it’s not allowed in the play area. You are welcome to bring your infant car seat into the play area if you have a little one who is sleeping or too small to play.

Open Play Whippernsnapper's Inddor Play Gym

Admission (2018)

When you arrive to Open Play you’re asked to sign your children in. This also serves as a your waiver. If there isn’t someone there to greet you then you can go into the office and pay. The cost for open play is $7 per child via cash or credit. You can also purchase an Open Play package that is good for 10 sessions for $55.



Open Play is scheduled Monday – Friday at various times. It also runs on select weekends. Check their Facebook page for updates.

TIP: I noticed that the crowd was bigger during the beginning of Open Play and quickly became smaller as we got closer to lunch time.

No Shoes Allowed

The play area is a shoe-free area. Everyone must play in their socks or bare feet. There are little cubbies to store shoes and hooks for coats and bags.

TIP: Bring along socks. I carry socks in my diaper bag for exactly this reason.

Whippersnapper's Play Gym

Play Area

The play area features different playscapes, mats, balls, trampolines, a rock wall, and tunnels. The children are free to climb, run, and play at their leisure. There are no staff members supervising the Open Play so parents must stay with their children at all times.

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Lunch Room

There is a lunch room where you can enjoy your food from home. This room also serves as the party room for food and cake during birthday parties.

Whippersnapper's Play Gym CT

Whippersnapper’s  is actually the first place I took a class with my twins. They were only 8-months-old at the time and I was a new mom stuck at home with two infants. I had just gotten over the hump of getting them to sleep through the night and I was starting to feel like my old self again. I was eager to get out of the house and meet people — and that’s exactly what I did. At our very first class of Baby Sign Language, I met Kate and her adorable son. The two of us hit it off right away and we’ve been friends ever since.

As my girls got older I tried their Terrific Tadpoles class for ages 1-3. In this class I met a few new friends. When I was pregnant with Andrew I even tried the prenatal yoga. Whippersnapper’s has been a great place for my kids to play and for me to meet new people. I’d recommend it to anyone for indoor play.

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