Day Trip to Westmoor Park in West Hartford, CT

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I’ve been getting the courage to get out more now that I have three under three. It’s challenging getting out of the door (how do we always lose a shoe or sock?), but once we’re out I’m glad that I put in the effort (most of the time). Our latest adventure was to Westmoor Park in West Hartford. I had read about their Gentle Touch Class where they teach little ones how to handle the animals, but thought we’d just have a play date with a friend and see all that the park had to offer.

Farm West Hartford, CT

Apparently I wasn’t the only one wanting to take advantage of the nice weather because the park was pretty busy for a late Wednesday morning. There were toddlers and preschoolers everywhere. You could tell this was a favorite attraction for many of the families.

Westmoor Park

I was glad to see that the park was stroller accessible since I’m still trying to figure out the best way to get around with two two-year-olds and an infant. I chose to use the snap-and-go stroller for Andrew and had the girls walk, but there were plenty of other moms wearing their baby in a carrier with a toddler by their side.

Westmoor Park Animals

The first animals we saw were the horses. Olivia was immediately scared of them. I can see why; the barn was dark, the horses were large and loud. I had to hold her through the barn, but when I asked her at the end of the day which animal she like the most she of course replied the horse.

West Hartford, CT Farm

We also got to peek in on a few sleeping pigs and bunnies. The girls enjoyed picking the grass and attempting to feed the chickens.

Things to do in West Hartford, CT

There were also donkeys and a few cows out roaming in the field.

West Hartford, CT Park

After we checked out the animals we decided to eat lunch. I had packed our lunch the night before – a trick I’m using to try to get out of the house at a decent hour. Even with the extra planning, I still got to the park 15 minutes late.

There were several picnic tables set in the shade that provided a nice rest from the beating sun. There was plenty of room for the kids to roam while I caught up with my friend.

Picnic in West Hartford

The park also has hiking trails and several flower and vegetable gardens.

West Hartford Westmore Park

West Hartford, CT

Westmoor Park Gardens

West Hartford Community Gardens

The park quickly cleared out as naptime approached. The girls seemed to have a great time. I’d like to return one day for one of their classes or even some of their community events.

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