Wadsworth Falls State Park in Middlefield, CT

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721 Wadsworth Street, Middlefield, CT  860-663-2030/ Big Falls – Cherry Hill Road, Middlefield

Did you know that Connecticut has several waterfalls throughout the state? I had no idea until my recent visit to Wadsworth Falls in Middlefield, CT.

Wadsworth Falls State Park in Middlefield, CT

We started our adventure at Wadsworth Falls State Park. It’s a popular setting for picnics, hiking, and swimming in the pond. There are picnic tables and grills available. There are also public bathrooms on site.

Wadsworth Falls State Park Middlefield, CT

Parking was free on the day we went, but be prepared to pay for parking on weekends.




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Our goals for the day was to visit the waterfalls. The waterfalls are between the Middletown and Middlefield town lines.

We started out on the main (orange) trail towards the waterfalls. I had the baby in a stroller and my twins walked along side. Everything was clearly marked. The trail was not too hilly and pretty easy to navigate with a stroller.

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Everything was going well until we came to a fork in the road. Our plan was to see the Big Falls but the map also said that the trail to see Little Falls would also take you to see Big Falls. Since we thought it would be fun to see both, we headed on the blue trail toward the Little Falls first. Big Mistake!

The blue trail is NOT stroller-friendly. There were large rocks and tree roots everywhere. It made the trail very navigate. There were moments when I literally had the stroller (with baby inside) dangling off the side of the trail! The thought of it makes me queasy. It would be fine for hiking with a baby in a carrier, but do not bring along a stroller on the blue trail!


Little Falls

Thankfully we got to Little Falls without anyone getting hurt, and once the terror of the blue trail wore off, I was able to enjoy the beauty of the waterfall.

Little Falls was empty while we were there. We were the only ones (crazy enough) to go to Little Falls with small children. A few people did pass back on their way from the Big Falls but no one went the direction we took.

Little Falls was beautiful. As the name described, it was a little waterfall running down steep rocks. We were able to climb the rocks and get some pretty great pictures.

TIP: The rocks get pretty steep and slippery. Be careful!

046Wadsworth Falls Little Falls CT 054

The kids had a great time splashing in the water. It was only as deep as their ankles in the deepest part.

I did have to carry them down the rocks because they were so steep.


It was clear that there was no way our strollers were getting up the steep hill needed to hike to the Big Falls. We decided to enjoy our lunch by Little Falls and then take the trail back to the park (It was just as scary on the way back!).

Once we got back to the park we double checked the map and found that you could drive to Big Falls. Part of me wished we would have done that in the beginning, but I guess it’s all about the experience. If we didn’t hike, we never would have seen Little Falls.

Big Falls

We left the state park and headed to the Big Falls on Cherry Hill Road in Middlefield. It’s a short drive from the park.


We parked our car and took a short walk to see Big Falls. You can hear the waterfall as soon as you leave your car. You can either walk down a short dirt path or go down stairs to see the waterfall. 161Wadsworth Falls Middlefield CT103

There is also an overlook that has a great view from above the waterfall.

CT Waterfall

Big Falls was pretty impressive. We got as close as we could and snapped some pictures. There’s also a bench nearby if you want to sit and admire the waterfall.

Wadsworth Falls Middlefield CT157Big Falls Waterfall CT155156

We had a great time exploring Wadsworth Falls. We had a bit of an adventure hiking around but I’m glad we got to see both waterfalls. I love finding all of these great spots I never knew existed in Connecticut. Who knows where my travels will lead me next!

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