Splash Pad at Watrous Park in Cromwell, CT

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Greer Street, Cromwell, CT – (behind Cromwell Middle School)

We’re smack dab in the middle of summer and it’s hot, hot, hot! I’ve exhausted the kiddie pool and water table outside. I knew that I needed to think fast before the kids started to destroy the inside of our house. Thankfully I learned of an all-new splash pad at Watrous Park in Cromwell, CT that opened up last month. With the heat being in the 90’s for the past 2 weeks, the timing couldn’t have been any more perfect to check out this brand new splash park.

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Cromwell CT Splash Pad

The Watrous Park Splash Pad is located behind Cromwell Middle School. The park is on Herbert Porter Road. There is a sign on Greer Street for the park.

TIP: Since Herbert Porter Road might not be listed on your GPS, I’d plug in Greer Street.

Watrous Park Splash Pad Cromwell, CT

The splash pad is open from 9 am – 8 pm. We arrived around 10:30 before it got too hot. We played in the splash pad and playground then had lunch. We spent about 2 hours at the park before heading home. It was a great way to entertain the kids while keeping cool in the summer heat.

TIP: I’d suggest going to the splash pad early in the morning or later in the day. There is no shade at the splash pad.

Cromwell Splash Park

Watrous Park is a smaller splash pad. It’s the perfect size for toddlers and preschoolers. I’m sure older kids would also have a great time. The size reminds me a lot of the splash pad at Paderewski Park in Plainville.

In the center of the splash pad are 3 tall colorful umbrellas with overflowing water. On the outer edge are three smaller umbrellas perfect for toddlers to stand under and play. My kids loved spraying each other with the water guns and filling cups with the water shooting up from the ground.

The water is activated by a button on top of the white post. The water turns off periodically but the kids quickly learn how to turn it back on.

TIP: Bring buckets, watering cans, cups to fill up

Watrous Park Splash Pad Cromwell, CT (21)Watrous Park Splash Pad Cromwell, CT (20)Watrous Park Splash Pad Cromwell, CT (18)Cromwell Splash Pad Watrous Park Splash Pad Cromwell, CT (55)

There are benches around the perimeter of the splash pad for parents to sit and supervise. While it wasn’t too crowded when I was there (on a Tuesday morning) I’d imagine that it gets busier on the weekend. If you’re worried about not having a seat, I’d bring along a picnic blanket or chair. I even saw one smart mommy who brought along a beach umbrella for a little bit of shade.

The splash pad sits adjacent to a small playground, basketball court, skate park, covered pavilion, and baseball fields. The parking lot is right next to the splash pad. There are public restrooms available. My kids were able to alternate between playing in the splash pad and the playground. I was able to see them at both spots from my bench. In my opinion this was the perfect setup. Be aware that the park is not fenced in so you have to keep an extra eye on anyone who might run off.

Watrous Park Splash Pad Cromwell, CT (34) Watrous Park Splash Pad Cromwell, CT (35) Cromwell Splash Pad

Watrous Park Splash Pad is the perfect spot to bring your little ones to cool off this summer. We had a great time splashing around and will definitely be back. I hope you enjoy it too. Stay cool!

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