Splash Pad in Colchester, CT

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215 Hebron Road, Colchester, CT

We survived the heat wave! Even though I’d love to stay locked up in the AC during 90 degree days, my kids would much rather be outside. I find that the easiest (and cheapest) way to keep them occupied and cool on super hot days is to visit a local splash pad. Our latest trip was to visit the splash pad in Colchester, CT. It was a great little trip that left us all cool and ready for a nap!

Colchester CT Splash Pad

The splash park is located in the recreation complex in Colchester. Along with the sprash park, the RecPlex (as it’s nicknamed) has fields, playgrounds for different ages, swings, skate park, a concession stand, a covered pavilion and public bathrooms.

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The spray park is located between the little kid and big kid playgrounds. There are a few parking lots at the RecPlex. If you want to limit your walk, there is a lot directly next to the spray park.

The spray park opens for the season on the last day for Colchester public schools and closes on the first day of the new school year. It is open daily during the seasonfrom 9 am – 9 pm.

One of the great things about the splash pad is that it is completely fenced in. The entrance to the splash pad is through the bathrooms. This makes potty breaks and changing into bathing suits super convenient.

Colchester CT Splash Pad (30)b

The splash pad is small and appears to be a bit older than some others we’ve visited in the state, but it’s still in great shape. It has a rainbow sprinkler that has water spraying from each color. In the center is a large red water structure with water dripping, spraying, and sprinkling out. There are also four jets that spray water from the ground.

Colchester CT Splash Pad (2) Colchester CT Splash Pad (4) Colchester CT Splash Pad (8)

The water is activated by a button on top of the blue post. The water turns off periodically, but the kids quickly learn how to turn it back on.

Unlike other spray park that have some water that is at foot level, all of the water at the Colchester spray park shoots up high and rains down. My littlest one was not a fan of water spraying the top of his head (he hates showers) so he wasn’t the biggest fan. If your kids are similar, I’d bring along a bucket for them to fill with water and play on the side.Colchester CT Splash Pad (23)

One of my favorite features were the picnic tables and umbrellas for parents and little ones to get some shade. This is a nice feature that I have not found at other locations. Unfortunately no food is allowed in this area. You can easily bring your food to the nearby benches outside the splash pad or in the covered pavilion.

TIP: Get there early to grab a table or bring along your own folding chairs

Colchester CT Splash Pad (29)

The spray park at Colchester’s RecPlex is a great way to stay cool during hot summer days. I love that it is fully fenced in and that they offer picnic tables and umbrellas for shade. The RecPlex offers plenty of things to do for kids of all ages. I would definitely recommend checking it out if you live nearby.

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