Santa HQ at Danbury Fair Mall, CT

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Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post from Santa HQ.

My cell phone, iPad, and laptop are all password protected. And there’s good reason for it, Olivia, my (almost) 3-year-old, is incredibly tech savvy. Since she was old enough to hold her own bottle she was grabbing for the closest electronic device. A few months back (before we set passwords) she found my husband’s phone at 8 am on a Saturday morning and redialed the last incoming call. Shockingly, that last number was my husband’s boss! We had no idea until he received a voicemail from his boss asking him to return his call. Thankfully, his boss has children of his own and a sense of humor. Lesson learned.

There is no denying the appeal that technology has on children. That’s why I’m so excited to visit the all new Santa HQ at the Danbury Fair Mall in Danbury, CT. Now until December 24, they are transforming the holiday tradition of meeting Santa into a new-age interactive experience where my kids can press all the buttons they want.

Santa HQ Danbury CT

Having three little ones does not afford me much wiggle room when it comes to waiting in lines. I love that I can reserve a time on the Santa HQ website to visit with Santa and skip the lines. There’s also an option to save some money by pre-paying for photos with Santa. Of course, if you’re feeling a bit more spontaneous, walk-ins without a reservation are always welcome.

Santa HQ Danbury Mall CT

Once you enter Santa’s Workshop and Observatory you get to create your own interactive adventure by downloading the free ELF-RAY Vision app or use a provided tablet. The app unlocks hidden scenes of Santa HQ, the night sky, and introduces you to a couple of friendly elves.

Santa HQ CT

I’m going to be sure to measure my kid’s behavior on the Naughty or Nice O’ Meter to make sure Santa will be visiting our house this year. Next we’ll snap an Elfie Selfie to be the stars of our own holiday video.

Santa HQ CT

I’m hoping that my girls will have such a blast  that they will be really excited to meet and take a picture with Santa. We’ve been really building him up in our house this year because they were  a little nervous to meet him last year. If it doesn’t work out with my girls, I know that I’ll definitely get a great picture of Santa holding Andrew for his first Christmas. I can’t wait to visit Santa HQ and start a new holiday tradition.


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