Romp n’ Roll in Wethersfield, CT

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1275 Silas Deane Highway, Wethersfield, CT 860-436-5821

Disclaimer: My family was given complimentary admission to Romp n’ Roll in exchange for an honest review. All opinions expressed are my own.

Winter is coming whether we like it or not. Soon it’ll be too cold to play outside and the kids (and grownups) will start to get a little stir crazy from being cooped up inside. I love exploring the state of Connecticut and finding new places to share with my little ones (hence the theme of my blog!) so when I was offered an opportunity to visit Romp n’ Roll in Wethersfield, CT I jumped at the opportunity. They offer a ton of different programs for babies, toddlers and preschoolers (seriously, their schedule is huge!) but the best part is that it’s all indoors so you don’t have to worry about the winter weather getting in the way of your fun. It’s a great place to add to your list of activities this winter, or anytime.



Schedule a FREE Introductory Class to see what Romp n’ Roll is all about (restrictions apply).

There are different membership options depending on your family’s needs and how frequently you can attend classes. Membership can be purchased in person, on the phone or online. Rompy’s Club members (highest membership) allows you to attend multiple classes per week. With Rompy’s Club membership you get special discounts on birthday parties, retail and special events. Classic membership lets you attend one class per week. All membership includes open gym passes (vary with each membership).

Note: There is a one time registration fee

If you know that you can’t commit to a monthly membership but still want to attend classes there are options of purchasing a 10 class pass or a la carte passes.

TIP: Romp n’ Roll loves teachers! They offer a special teacher appreciation discount. Use promo code: Teach10


All classes require preregistration. Registration can be done in person, on the phone, or online.


Class Schedule

When planning my visit to Romp n’ Roll the first thing that stuck out to me was the different classes that are offered. They have classes for 3-months-olds all the way to 5-year-olds. There are a variety of different art, gym and music classes to pique your little one’s interest. They have everything from gymnastics and sports to pirates and superhero art classes. I ultimately ended up bringing my kids to the gym class where all three (ages 2 & 4) could participate together. Next time I’d love to drop my twins off  at an art class while I participate in a gym class with my son.

romp-n-roll-wethersfield-ct-8romp-n-roll-wethersfield-ct-6romp-n-roll-wethersfield-ct-birthday partyromp-n-roll-wethersfield-ct-64

Romp n’ Roll offers 4 different types of parent involvement classes: Parent-inclusive, Parent-optional, Drop-off, and Open Gym.

TIP: They offer drop-off classes for kids as young as 2 and they do not need to be potty trained!

One of the unique things about the classes is that they run Monday – Friday from morning to night. I love that the large schedule gives working parents the opportunity to participate in a class with their little ones after work during the week. There are also Saturday classes and Sunday open gym.

Class Routine

All guests are encouraged to arrive a few minutes before class to check in and receive their name tag. Everyone is asked to remove their shoes and place them in the cubbies. Adults are asked to wear socks in the gym. Children can go in with bare feet or socks.

TIP: Forgot the socks? No problem. Socks are available for purchase. I like to leave a pair of adult socks in my car at all times for places like this.


Gym Class

The class I chose to attend was the gym class open to kids 10 months to 5-years-old. I think it was a great beginner class to attend with children of different ages.


Class began in a small room outside the gym. The class followed a theme (fire safety) for the book read, games, and music. Our instructor had a big friendly personality was the perfect person to run a kids class. She greeted everyone, read a story, sang songs, and we met Rompy (the gym’s mascot stuffed dog).

romp-n-roll-wethersfield-ct-20 romp-n-roll-wethersfield-ct-29 romp-n-roll-wethersfield-ct-31

We then moved into the gym. The gym was painted with bright friendly colors and murals on the wall. We were given instructions before moving into an obstacle course. The obstacle course was divided into two areas with tumbling mats, slides, a rock wall, monkey bars, and a balance beam. It was great for all my kids. Music was playing the whole time. I loved that the whole class was structured but still gave kids the opportunity to have a lot of fun.

romp-n-roll-wethersfield-ct-9 romp-n-roll-wethersfield-ct-21

After we did the obstacle course a few times we played a structured game where the kids pretended to be firemen putting out fires. We played a few games with a parachute and then had a bubble dance party with a disco ball!

romp-n-roll-wethersfield-ct-48 romp-n-roll-wethersfield-ct-51 romp-n-roll-wethersfield-ct-57

The class ended back in the original room saying goodbye to everyone and receiving a hand stamp. It was really a cute class and we all had a lot of fun. I love that all three of my kids were able to participate together with age appropriate activities.


Final Thoughts

Overall I really enjoyed Romp n’ Roll and my kids had a blast. I love that they offer such a wide selection of classes for different age ranges. Their schedule is great for parents (both working and stay-at-home) with morning, noon, and evening classes.  I also really loved how structured the class was.

Membership could be a bit pricey but there are different options depending on your family’s needs and availability. It’s also super convenient that you can manage your membership online.

I would definitely recommend Romp n’ Roll to others. I’d love to return for additional classes.

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