Guest Post: Seven Simple Items for Packing the Perfect Tote

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Today we welcome Monica, Co-Founder of Sweet Cheeks, to share a fantastic new product to help Moms on the go.

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Without further ado, here’s Monica!

Do you remember the last time you were away from home frantically searching for a baby item, only to come up empty handed, feeling caught off-guard and slightly disheveled?

You’re not alone!

Now you can leave your home feeling like your “inner Super Mom” with a perfectly packed bag with these seven items!

I’m Monica, Co-Founder of Sweet Cheeks. My mom and I are the creators of our innovative Diaper Clutch, which was born out of frustration from feeling out of sorts, overwhelmed and being bogged down.

Get organized and prepared! Start by building your emergency pack with these seven essentials:

How to pack a diaper bag

  1. Onesie – you never know when a diaper blow out, spit up or vomit will happen
  2. A Diaper – should you forget to restock, you’ll have a back-up
  3. An 8ct of baby wipes – in case you run out
  4. Baby food pouch – this can hold over a hungry baby or toddler
  5. A lightweight toy (toy car keys, a rattle, etc) – boredom happens
  6. Gallon size Ziploc bagOPTIONAL: If your child takes a pacifier, definitely pack a spare. A Ziploc bag will keep all of these “emergency” items together, and easy to find. You’ll recall when you use an “emergency” item, therefore remembering to replace it when you get home. Should there ever be a diaper blow out, messy spit up or vomit, you now have a place for soiled clothes with a Ziploc bag!
  7. Sweet Cheeks Diaper ClutchSweet Cheeks Diaper Clutch

All of your diapering essentials will be perfectly organized in the Sweet Cheeks Diaper Clutch. The baby wipes can be retrieved quickly, as they are attached to the diaper clutch and are outward facing. The days of searching for hidden baby wipes are now behind you. Changing a diaper away from home has never been easier. The Sweet Cheeks Diaper Clutch opens and closes with one hand and unfolds to a large diaper pad with attached storage, so you can keep a confident, safe hand on baby at all times! See how it works!

Go ahead and make a fashion statement by reuniting with your favorite tote. Everything will stay organized and be quickly accessible if you follow our tips. If you’ll be gone for a little while, be sure to grab a few snacks and a sippy cup and you’ll be ready for an afternoon away from home.

Here’s a sneak peek in my purse! I use the small pocket for my mommy essentials (lip balm, gum, travel hand lotion, Ibuprofen and cell phone). I keep my keys hooked to the side for quick access. The “emergency” Ziploc is next to my Sweet Cheeks Diaper Clutch, wallet and sunglasses.

Go Sweet Cheeks Diaper Clutch

If you’re ready to start feeling like that inner Super Mom, share these tips with a mommy friend or leave a comment below on CT Mommy Blog!

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Sweet Cheeks Owners
Monica and her mom are the creators of the innovative Sweet Cheeks Diaper Clutch. Being an experienced mom and having lived frazzled situations where she was unprepared, prompted the creation of the Sweet Cheeks Diaper Clutch. Visit to be on-the-go with confidence and be prepared for just about anything your little one throws your way!
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