New England Carousel Museum in Bristol, CT

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95 Riverside Avenue, Bristol, CT  860-585-5411

One of the hardest parts about having multiple children is making individual time for each of them. Now that my girls are in school I can spend some quality time with my littlest one, but I still struggle with making alone time for the twins. So a few weeks ago I made a special day dedicated to my sweet Juliette. We called it Jules and Mommy day. I let her choose where we ate and what we did. I gave her choices along the way and sometimes she surprised me with what she chose. It was a really special day. I hope to make it a tradition with each child.

We started the day with a big frosted donut and chocolate milk. Followed by a little bit of shopping and a visit to play with a kitten at the pet shop.  Her last choice was riding a carousel. So off to the New England Carousel Museum in Bristol, CT we went. I knew she’d get a chance to ride a carousel and we would have the opportunity to explore the museum together.

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Admission & Hours

$6 – Adults, $5 – Children

Wednesday  – Saturday: 10 am – 5 pm, Sunday: 12 – 5 pm, (Monday & Tuesday – Closed)

Family Sunday

Since our trip to the carousel museum was spontaneous I had no idea that it was also Family Sunday. The museum offers a special family-friendly activity on the second Sunday of each month for families to enjoy together. On our special day we created musical instruments using recycled materials, beads, glitter, and ribbon. Both of my girls really love doing any sort of craft so this was the perfect activity. It was a great keepsake from our special day.

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Included in the price of Family Sunday is the family-friendly activity, a ride on the carousel and access to the museum.

Family Sunday Admission: $6 – Adults, $5 – Children


The vintage working carousel is located in the same room as the Family Sunday activity and the birthday party room. After we created our new sparkly instrument, we handed over our coins for a chance to ride on the carousel. Juliette had an ear-to-ear grin and I gave myself a pat on the back for making her so happy.



The museum is full of classic carousel horses, carousel history and facts. The museum features exposed brick, wood paneling, twinkling lights, fabric bunting and floral carpet. Stepping inside reminded me of a vintage carnival with beautiful horses full of deep colors and details. I’ve never really paid close attention to carousel horses, but seeing them proudly displayed in the museum, I was able to develop a better appreciation for the art. Juliette and I walked from display to display pointing out our favorite horses and commenting on the beauty.

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One of my favorite parts of the museum where you could see the step-by-step process of constructing a carousel horse. They had on display horses being carved out of wood. It is truly an art form.


Museum of Fire History

On the second floor of the museum is the Museum of Fire History. Inside there are displays of vintage firehouse memorabilia, equipment, hoses, gears, ladders, and uniforms. As a daughter of a fireman, I found this area interesting and unexpected. I would definitely recommend it for any of your little ones who might be interested in

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Museum of Greek Art and History

Also on the second floor and included in the price of admission is the Museum of Greek Art and History. It’s set inside a replica of an old Greek temple. It certainly was a big surprise to find the museum in downtown Bristol, CT but it was interesting to walk through and see some of the museum pieces.

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We had a wonderful time spending the day together. Being able to share to beauty of the carousel horses and ride the carousel together was very special. We’re still talking about it. My hope is to make this a tradition with each child.

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