How to Get Excused from Jury Duty When You’re a Stay-at-Home Mom

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Sadly, sometimes getting the mail is the highlight of my day.   I know it’s pathetic — no judgment, please!  There might be a great coupon, a new birth announcement, or a card from my best friend, but one of the things I’m not excited to see is a summon for jury duty.

How to get out of jury duty

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m all about fulfilling my civil duties, but not when I don’t have child care. Thankfully, the state of Connecticut understands this conflict and excuses stay-at-home parents because of “extreme hardship.”

Getting out of jury duty is surprisingly simple for stay-at-home parents in CT:

  1. Postpone your jury duty for a date within 10 months when you will have child care, OR
  2. Claim “extreme hardship” because of no childcare.

If you’re going to postpone your jury duty then simply fill in your choice of date and mail back the form.  You will receive a letter with your new date of service.

To claim extreme hardship, visit the Connecticut Judicial Branch website and fill out their online form. At the bottom you will fill in the names and birthdays of your children. Your request will be reviewed by the Jury Administrator and you will receive a letter in 3-5 business days letting you know of their decision.

I’m not sure how long you will be excused from jury duty.  I was excused last year in November and received a new summon 6 months later.  I had to then follow the same process all over again, and was re-excused.

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