Lil’ Monkey Dome Climber

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Disclosure: Lil’ Monkey provided my family with a complimentary dome climber to use for a product review. All thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.

Every day my goal is to get my kids to nap. Everyone, especially me, is a lot happier when the little ones get a bit of rest. Convincing the kids to nap is no easy feat. It includes a structured day, plenty of exercise and a sprinkle of bribery. Getting the kids tired enough to sleep is the most important step in guaranteeing a good nap.

We spend most days at the park or in the backyard playing. They alternate between riding bikes, water table, and playing soccer. Our newest toy, Lil’ Monkey Dome Climber, is the perfect addition to the outdoor play lineup. I have three ‘little monkeys’ of my own so the dome climber is the perfect fit for my rambunctious trio. Now, when they have extra energy to burn, I just send them outside to play.

Lil' Monkey Dome Climber


Putting together the dome climber was fairly easy. There were no tools needed (which I love). The instructions were clear and easy to follow. The pieces were labeled and snapped together without too much effort. My girls were even able to help out by sorting the pieces and handing them to me. The whole climber was put up within 45-minutes.

Lil' Monkey Dome Climber 002 004 Dome Climber


The climber is made of a lightweight durable plastic. It was easy to move the climber to the perfect spot in the yard but it also was sturdy enough to hold my two bouncing girls. The climber is perfect for ages 3-6. It’s not too high but still provides enough room for climbing, flipping, and hanging.

My girls are always swinging from the bars at the playground so I knew they would love having their own climber at home. They immediately ran on it and started climbing. I showed them how to lock their knees around the bars and swing upside down. They loved it! As they become more confident in their abilities, I think they will practice new moves. It’s already become a favorite toy.

IDEA: Build the dome indoors and cover with blankets — instant fort!

Lil' Monkey Dome Climber 021

Lil’ Monkey App

The Lil’ Monkey brand is committed to getting kids outside and active. They’ve developed a mobile app to work along side the dome climber. Kids use a mobile phone or tablet and aim it at the banner at the top of the climber. Children are greeted by a friendly monkey who encourages them to gather fruit on the screen to beat the level. Kids have to turn around, bend and twist to move on. The app encourages kids to combine the fun of dome climber with technology.

TIP: Make sure to turn around 360 degrees to get all the fruit!



Final Thoughts

Anything that encourages my kids to be outside and active is a keeper. My kids had a blast playing on their climber and continue to want to use it. I can see it being a favorite outdoor toy for the next few years. It’s made out of quality materials that I believe will hold up for years to come.

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