Illuminate the Night at Lake Compounce

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A few weeks ago we took a trip to Lake Compounce in Bristol, CT. We had a great time splashing in the kiddie pools and going on some rides. We decided to take advantage of our season pass and return to watch their laser light show called Illuminate the Night.

Lake Compounce Laser Light Show

Illuminate the Night is new to Lake Compounce. The show runs every Friday, Saturday and Sunday from July 4 – August 24. It starts at 9 pm, after our girls’ typical bed time, but we figured that it would be a special summer treat to stay up a little late. We headed to the park around 7 pm. Most people were heading home after a log day at the parks so we scored a great parking space and short lines for rides.

The laser show is shot on the lake. We started waiting by the entrance to the water park at 8:30. When they opened the gates at 8:45 everyone made a dash to grab one of the Adirondack chairs that lined the beach and patio. We conveniently grabbed two reclining lounge chairs on the sand with the perfect view of the show. Everyone else stood in the back, sat along the rock walls, or spread their blanket on the sand.

Lake Compounce Beach


The show started around 9:10 once the sky was completely dark. It was set to Pop songs which made it family-friendly. The lasers formed words, shapes, and figures that moved with the beat of the song.


Lake Compounce Laser Light Show

The whole show lasted about 20 minutes and it held my girls’ attention the whole time.

I’m really impressed with Lake Compounce’s commitment to stay current and introduce new things into their amusement park. Illuminate the Night felt like an activity that we would do on vacation but we got to enjoy it only a few minutes from home. We’re really glad that we stayed up late to watch it. I think we’ll plan one more late trip before the summer is over.

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