IKEA with Kids

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IKEA is known for furniture that can be assembled with a single Allen Wrench, but did you know that the store is an awesome place to bring kids? I first brought my little ones when I was looking for a child size duvet comforter for the girls’ new toddler room. I was a bit nervous about how the experience would go bringing three kids under three into such a large store, but it ended up being great.

Ikea Kids

I know I’m always looking for fun and affordable ways to keep our kids busy, especially during the winter, and IKEA is a great option. I tell all my mommy friends that IKEA is an awesome day trip with kids. Here are my top 6 reasons why I love going to IKEA with kids.


Smaland IKEA

A supervised FREE play area where you can leave children between 37″-54″ to play while you shop. There’s a 30-minute time limit so don’t expect to use this as a babysitter but it gives you just enough time to stroll around and regain (part) of your sanity. I haven’t tried it out personally (because of the whole stranger-danger thing) but it looks like a lot of fun for little ones.

Kids Eat Free on Tuesdays

Kids eat Free IKEA

Anywhere that serves a hot meal that I don’t have to cook is a win for me. Add a free pricetag and I’m in love! There are 4 children’s meals to choose from: grilled chicken, chicken tenders, macaroni & cheese, or Swedish meatball. Each meal includes a milk or juice. If you’re planning on going, say hi to me because I’m planning on spending every Tuesday there this winter! Can’t make it during the week? Don’t fret! Kid’s lunches are regularly only $2.99.

Jump on the Beds

Ikea with Kids

I don’t know if you’re really allowed to jump on the beds, but your little ones can certainly lay on them without anyone batting an eye. There is so much to entertain your kids while in the store that they definitely won’t get bored. My kids love walking around picking out their favorite rooms. They open the fridges, sit on the couches, and even watch a little TV before moving onto the next area.

Family-Friendly Parking

Family Friendly Parking IKEA

I love a store that thinks about families. The lot is next to the entrance to the store and allows you to get in without having to cross into any parking lot traffic.

Baby Care Room

Family Bathroom IKEA

It’s the little things that I really appreciate, like a step stool for my kids to wash their hands. The baby care room has a comfy chair to nurse your baby and a small table and chair to entertain an older child. There’s also your standard changing table but they have a diaper pail to get rid of dirty diapers. They think about everything!

Kid’s Toys & Furniture

IKEA Kid's Furniture

IKEA has a great selection of children’s toys, storage options, and furniture at great prices. I have a few friends who have purchased their baby’s cribs and dressers from the store. I personally own a few of their storage items, a step stool, art smocks, duvet inserts, and toys from IKEA. Everything seems to hold up really well, and for the price, you can’t beat it. I’m even considering buying the art easel and supplies for the girls’ Christmas present.

Do you have an IKEA near you? What are some of your favorite FREE activities to keep your kids busy during the winter?

*I am not affiliated with IKEA, nor have I been compensated for this post. I just really like IKEA. The information provided is specific to the IKEA in New Haven, CT. Check with your store about their features before going.

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