Fair Weather Acres Fall Festival in Cromwell, CT

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2018 Update: Fall Fest runs Friday – Sundays (and Columbus Day) from September 14 – October 28, 2018. Check out the complete list of family-friendly fall events around Connecticut. Originally published in 2014

County Line Drive, Cromwell, CT 

I’ve seen the pumpkin display on the side of I-91 for years, but had never visited Fair Weather Acres Fall Festival in Cromwell, CT. When I saw that a Facebook friend posted a picture of her adorable little girl covered in corn kernels I knew that I had to bring the family.

Fair Weather Acres Fall Festival

Fair Weather Acres Fall Festival

The Fall Festival is about a half mile away from Fair Weather Acres farm stand in Rocky Hill.

I put in County Line Drive in Cromwell into my GPS and had no problem finding it. There are also signs for a corn maze that will point you in the right direction.

We went on a Frugal Friday for half price admission between 2-6 (last ticket sold at 4:30).

Fair Weather Acres (7)

When I think fall festival I think of a weekend event with food, games, and possibly some rides. Fair Weather Acres Fall Festival is so much more.

Your admission buys you access to a hay ride, corn maze, hay maze, corn pit, farm animals, pedal go-carts, and tire playground. Considering I’ve paid $10 alone for access to a corn maze I would say this was a great deal.

Fair Weather Acres Fall Festival Cromwell, CT

Fair Weather Acres (8)

Fall Festival Cromwell, CT

After you purchase your ticket you can board the hay ride that will bring you to the festival. The hay ride comes by every few minutes. While you’re waiting there is someone to explain some of the things to look for in the corn maze. Since we have already visited Lyman Orchards corn maze this fall we chose to forego the corn maze and enjoy all of the other activities.

The area is stroller-friendly (the hay ride has a ramp to enter) which would have been nice to know at the time. I chose to wear Andrew in my baby carrier but regretted my decision a few hours in (this kid is getting heavy!).

Fair Weather Acres (9) Fair Weather Acres (20)

As soon as we got off of the hay ride my girls darted for the tire playground. They are really into climbing these days so this was a perfect activity to start off the afternoon.

TIP:  Kids will get dirty climbing the tires. Consider that when planning what to wear. I made the mistake of having them in new boots that now have black tire marks!

Giant Tire Playground

After the tire playground we headed to the highlight of the day, the corn pit. I had never seen anything like it. It’s resembles a greenhouse, minus the green, but instead filled with corn kernels. It’s AMAZING – and to top it off there is a playscape inside. What could be better?

Fall Festival Cromwell CT Fair Weather Acres (62)

Fair Weather Acres (44)

Fair Weather Acres (63)

Fair Weather Acres Corn Pit

Fair Weather Acres (58) Fair Weather Acres (70)

The corn pit was definitely unique; unlike anything I have ever seen before. It was soft to lay on but hard to walk through — think deep beach sand. It leaves a white powder that will be on everything (another reason to leave the nice clothes at home). Speaking of things being everywhere, I promise that you’ll be finding corn kernels for the next week. They were in our shoes, socks — even our underwear!

TIP: Wear socks! Corn kernels hurt bare feet!

We probably spent an hour in the corn pit. I basically had to pry them out because they were having so much fun.

Our next stop was the kid’s hay maze. We went through a similar hay maze a few weeks ago at Pumpkintown USA and the girls are starting to learn how to navigate the paths.

Kid's Hay Maze CT

Another great activity were the pedal go-carts. While my girls weren’t able to pedal alone they really enjoyed being pushed around the track.

Pedal Go-Carts Cromwell, CT

We also checked out the farm animals. There was grain available to feed the animals complete with hand sanitizer to clean up after.

Fair Weather Acres (105)

Farms with Animals CT   Fair Weather Acres (99)  Fair Weather Acres (95)

Fair Weather Acres (97)

Fair Weather Acres (103)

Sweet Treats was the food stand. It had plenty of festival food but make sure you bring along cash. They don’t accept credit cards.

Fair Weather Acres (106)

Fair Weather Acres Sweet Treats

There were several picnic tables scattered around to enjoy your food.

Fair Weather Acres Sweet Treats

There was a diaper changing tent. I didn’t see anywhere designated for nursing but I’m sure it would’t be hard to find a quiet spot.

Fair Weather Acres Diaper Changing Tent

Before leaving we stopped to pick up our pumpkin. There were several wagons available to carry our pumpkin back to the car.

Fair Weather Acres (111)

We decided to take one final hay ride before going home. We had such a fun time at Fair Weather Acres Fall Festival. It was a great way to enjoy fall activities.

Jumping Pillow

The jumping pillow is located next to the pumpkin area. There are two lines for the pillow – below 52″ and above 52″. Kids and adults cannot bounce at the same time. This is obviously for safety concerns but it prohibited me from going on with my one-year-old. He was able to bounce only on the edge since he was a little cautious to bounce alone.

Fair Weather Acres Jumping Pillow 034

In order to bounce on the pillow everyone must remove their shoes. There was a waiting area lined in hay bales to sit and remove shoes. It was also a good spot to keep strollers (since it wasn’t busy).


The jumping pillow was a brightly covered tarp with air under it. Kids bounced the entire length of the pillow. It’s a great addition to all there is to do at the Fall Festival.


037 043

During the busy time on the weekends, jumpers are given a time limit to make sure everyone gets a chance to have fun. Since we went on Frugal Friday, there was no wait to use the pillow.

I’d highly suggest taking advantage of the Frugal Friday offer. It’s a great deal considering all that is included. We will definitely be back next year!

Pumpkin Patch Cromwell CT

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