DIY Kissing Booth

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Valentine’s Day is tomorrow and I wanted to share my tutorial for a DIY Kissing Booth. The cuteness factor is through the roof, especially when you have a super sweet and cuddly baby to add to the booth!

Valentine's Day Kissing Booth Tutorial


Valentine's Day Kissing Booth

Wooden Crate

Plywood Sheet (4″x25″)

2 Wooden Stakes (40″)



Valentine’s Gardland

Attach Wooden Stakes to Crate

Turn crate on its side and attach wood to the sides with a few screws or nails. I used two thin pieces of wood that I had in the basement. Wooden dowels from the craft store would also work fine.

Kissing Booth

 Paint Plywood Sheet

I painted the sign a bright red but chalkboard paint would also be great for this project. I then wrote “Kisses 25¢” in white paint.

Kissing Booth

Attach Plywood Sheet

I used hot glue to attach the plywood sheet to the wooden stakes. I was worried that the wood would crack if I used a nail or screw. The plywood was light enough that the hot glue worked great.

Kissing Booth


I used some Valentine’s Day garland from the dollar store and an old heart that I had to decorate the kissing booth.

Valentine's Day Kissing Booth

Snap Some Photos!

This Valentine’s Day Photo Booth is the perfect prop for a mini photo shoot with your little ones or even a Valentine’s Day party. Add a few props on sticks or a super cute baby in a suspenders and a bow tie and you’ll have great photos.


Happy Valentine’s Day!!

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