Day Trip to Cheshire Hollow Farm

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Cheshire Hollow Farm in Cheshire, CT is a free farm that is open to the public during the fall season. They’ve got mums and pumpkins for sale, but the real attractions are the baby animals.

Cheshire Hollow Farm Cheshire CT

I learned about the farm after attending a Fall Festival where I got to hold a 6-week-old baby goat. After holding the sweet goat I knew that I had to come and explore the whole farm.

6 week old goat

We visited the farm on a Friday morning and it was not crowded at all. There was only one other mom and her son. It was a nice alternative to some of the other hectic fall farms nearby.

Our first stop was to visit the goats. The baby goats had grown so much in one week but they were still small enough to slide through the bars of the fence.

Cheshire Hollow Farm (17)

Baby Goats at Cheshire Hollow Farm

There were little bags of food available to feed the goats. My girls loved scattering the food on the ground for the goats to eat.

Cheshire Hollow Farm

There were baby chicks in a tank that were born that morning. I had no idea that a newborn chick would look so “normal” so quickly after hatching.

Newborn Chicks at Cheshire Hollow Farm

There were also the cutest baby bunnies that we were able to hold. The farm gives away their bunnies to loving homes.

Free Bunnies Cheshire Hollow Farm

Along with the baby animals the farm also has cows, horses, a pig, ducks and chickens.

Cheshire Hollow Farm (32) Cheshire Hollow Farm (29) Cheshire Hollow Farm (25) Cheshire Hollow Farm

Cheshire Hollow Farm (43)

The farm also features “The Birthday Barn” where they hold themed birthday parties. I took a peak in because I’m always on the lookout for a great space to hold the twins’ birthday party.

Cheshire Hollow Farm (37)

Cheshire Hollow Farm (34)

Before we left we decided to grab some pumpkins to help support the farm.

Cheshire Hollow Farm (104)

Cheshire Hollow Farm (75) Cheshire Hollow Farm

We really enjoyed our trip to Cheshire Hollow Farm. It was a a great way to enjoy a beautiful fall day at a quiet farm. We’ll definitely be returning before the season is over.

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