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6 to 12 months is all about learning how to eat and move.  Your baby is starting to show lots of personality and is really engaging with you and the world around him.


Here is a list of my favorite products to help make this time a little bit easier.

Summer Infant Seat

These seats are a competitor to Bumbo, but I find that they serve multiple functions.  They can be used as a classic infant seat, an exersaucer, and a booster seat for a toddler.  This is something that can grow with your child, and therefore, well worth the money.  The tray and toys are included.  There is nothing additional to buy.

Cuisnart Duet Blender/Food Processor

I prepared all of my girls’ baby food.  I would cook the food, puree it in my blender, then freeze it in ice cube trays.  There was no need to buy fancy baby food machines, and when your baby outgrows purees you can still whip yourself up a fancy frozen margarita!

I was really committed to making my own baby food.  Not only does it save money, but I always knew what my girls were eating.  I used this website for everything.  It has helpful tips of what to introduce and when, as well as recipes.

Baby Bjorn Bibs

Let’s face it, food is going to be everywhere once you start feeding solids.  These bibs help to limit the amount of food all over your baby.  They are made of a soft, thick plastic with a pocket that extends far enough to actually catch dropped food.  Plus, these can be rinsed off in the sink or thrown in the dishwasher for easy cleanup.

Baby Jogger City Mini Double

I LOVE this stroller and recommend it to everyone shopping for a double stroller.  It is small enough to fit through standard doors, yet big enough for both of my girls to sit comfortably.  It isn’t too heavy and folds pretty flat to fit in your trunk.  I’ve heard that they have even improved the underneath storage basket for easier access.  The only con is that you have to buy all of the attachments (drink holder, belly bar, snack tray) separately.

Neat Solutions Disposable Placemats

These disposable placemats stick to the table top at restaurants so you don’t have to worry about baby eating off of gross tables.  I like this brand because they come with a convenient carrying case that is easy to throw into your diaper bag.

Nuk Sippy Cup

I searched high and low for a sippy cup that wasn’t overwhelming in size for my petite babies.  These sippy cups only hold 5 oz of liquid, which allowed my girls better control when learning how to drink.

Soft Sole Shoes

I used these shoes before my girls were walking, but still needed something to keep their feet warm.  I love these shoes because they never fell off of my babies’ feet and they weren’t able to pull them off either.  They are also pretty cheap which allows you to buy a few different colors to coordinate with different outfits!

Tiny Love Take-Along Arch

This take-along toy clips on to almost every surface.  We used it on our car seats, strollers, and most importantly high chairs at restaurants.  It was a welcome distraction for our girls as we waited for our food.  I now keep it in my car to bring along whenever we’re out.

Leachco Convertible Crib Cover

If your little one could be mistaken for a piranha, like one of my twins, then you need to protect your crib.  I learned the hard way that those new pearly whites can do some serious damage to your beautiful new crib.  Take it from me, buy this one early before those little teeth make their debut.

Baby Einstein Activity Jumper

I put my girls in this jumper when they were still pretty small.  I used to prop them up with a towel behind their back and a box underneath their feet.  They would jump around and I would catch a break.  We also had an exersaucer that was equally as good.

What are some of your favorite items? What would you add to the list?

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