April 2015 Love List

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We’ve had a slow start to the season but it finally is starting to feel like spring! I know a lot of people say that fall is their favorite season but I have to admit that I love spring. There’s just something about getting over the hump of cold, snowy weather that makes me so happy. I love the flowers and warmer temperatures. I get giddy opening the windows and putting away coats.

This month was all about selling our house (yes, it’s still on the market!). We slashed the price and have been having open houses and numerous showings. We knew that our house wouldn’t appeal to everyone (it’s a 1910 farmhouse) but never knew what a process this was going to become. I’ll be SO thankful when this is over.

Love List April 2015

One of the highlights of the month was the weekend getaway Chris and I took to Newport, RI. It was just the two of us touring mansions, walking along the Cliff Walk and enjoying each other’s company. It was a much needed break from our busy lives. Here a few more of the things I loved from April.

Baby Jogger City Select

This month I bit the bullet and finally got a new stroller. I tried to keep Andrew in his infant car seat for as long as possible and just use the snap and go stroller everywhere. I love the convenience of it, but as we transition him into a convertible car seat the time has come for a new stroller. I chose the City Select because it has tons of different seating options — I can fit 1, 2 or 3 kids in it at a time. Most of the time I only need a single stroller, but there are those time (amusement parks, zoos, long walks) when I want to get all three kids in one stroller. I got the double seat combo and then purchased the glider board separately to fit three of them. It’s a little heavy to push with all three kids on board but I think it’s the best stroller option for twin toddlers and a baby.

Amber Teething Necklace

Andrew cut three teeth this month and was relatively comfortable. I give credit to his teething necklace. I’ve been through teething twice before with my girls and with each new tooth came lots of sleepless nights and tears. I’m not an amber expert but the theory is that the heat from the baby’s body releases ingredients in the amber. The ingredients in the amber help to reduce pain and inflammation. I was a skeptic before using the necklace but it totally won me over this past month. The necklace was less than $20 so definitely worth a try if you have a teething baby.

Amazon Fresh Scent Wipes

I’m not too picky about my baby wipes so when I found out Amazon started their own brand I decided to give them a shot. I have to say that I’ve been really pleased with them. They are great quality and get the job done. I really love the fresh scent. It’s kind of like old school cucumber melon from Bath & Body Works. I have them in a wipe warmer so the whole room has a hint of cucumber scent. They’re definitely worth a shot, especially if you buy everything off of Amazon like I do.

Stop & Shop World Menu

Stop & Shop World Menu

When I was approached with a gift card and coupons to try Stop & Shop’s new international line, World Menu, I quickly agreed. Stop & Shop is my go-to supermarket and I’m always up for trying out new meal options. I tried the Sesame Stir Fry. I thought it was a safe choice to serve to my kids because I know they love rice, chicken, and vegetables. The meal was really easy to prepare and tasty. My kids gobbled it right up. I love that everything was in one pouch, including the rice and sesame seeds. It’s a great option for those busy nights when you need to whip something up for dinner in a hurry. I’d definitely pick up two bags next time to feed my hungry family of 5!

Lip Sync Battle

Photo Credit: rollingout.com

Photo Credit: rollingout.com

I was really excited to find Lip Sync Battle on Spike. I was looking for a light-hearted and fun TV show to watch. If you’ve ever seen Jimmy Fallon lip sync against his guests then you know the rules of the game. There are 2 celebrities and they pick songs to lip sync against — the more ridiculous and surprising the song choice, the better. It’s a lot of fun. I love watching the celebrities let loose and get out of their comfort zone.

What were some of your favorite things from this month? Any suggestion on new things to try next month?

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