Apple Picking at Karabin Farms in Southington, CT

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One of my favorite fall activities is taking the whole family apple picking. There are few great farms only a few minutes from my house that we’ve been visiting for years, but this year I wanted to try something new. I’ve heard about Karabin Farms and thought it would be a great place to spend a nice fall day.

Apple Picking in CT

Karabin Farms is a great farm for young children. My little ones were immediately drawn to the animals. There were plenty of animals to admire, including baby chicks!

Karabin Farms

Karabin Farms, Southington CT

Karabin Farms Animals

Karabin Farms Southington CT

Karabin Farms

Once we explored all of the animals we decided to try some apple picking. At our local apple orchard we first pick the apples then come back and pay, but at Karabin Farm you purchase a bag in their country store then go out and fill it. We bought a bag that holds 12 pounds of apples for $15.

The apple orchard is a short tractor ride away from the parking lot and country store. I decided to wear Andrew in my baby carrier and I’m glad I did. It’s a lot easier than folding up a stroller and fitting it onto the wagon or trying to maneuver it through the fields.

Karabin Farms Hay Ride

We drove past Christmas trees and turkeys until we finally ended up at the apple orchard.

Apple Picking in CT

The apples were divided by cooking and eating. Knowing my favorite, I immediately went over to Honey Crisp. I know that they are one of the first apples of the season so thankfully there were still a few great apples left on the trees.

My girls love picking fruit, and apples were no exception. There were a few Honey Crisps low enough for them to reach but they mostly needed a lift to reach the apples at the top of the tree.

Karabin Farms  Apple Picking in Hartford County

Next to the apples was a field with great looking pumpkins. We have plans to go pumpkin picking in a few weeks but that did not stop the girls from exploring the pumpkin patch.

If you didn’t feel like bringing your pumpkin back on the tractor ride there were also pumpkins near the country store.

Pumpkin Picking at Karabin Farms

Before heading back we decided to take an obligatory fall family picture including one with a very handsome little boy.

Karabin Farms

Karabin Farms

Before leaving the farm we decided to cross off one more thing from our Fall Bucket List and eat some warm apple cider mini-donuts.

Farms with Apple Cider Donuts

We spent a wonderful fall day at Karabin Farms. There was plenty to keep my busy toddlers entertained while enjoying some quality family time. We’ll be sure to return, maybe around Christmas to cut down a fresh tree.

Karabin Farms

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