A Day at the 2013 Meriden Daffodil Festival

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Spring was in the air during Meriden’s 35th annual Daffodil Festival

Only a few steps into Hubbard Park and I was reaching for my camera.  I couldn’t miss the opportunity to get a picture of my twins with a sea of yellow and white daffodils as a backdrop.  Looking ahead, I could see that the festival was divided into sections for food, crafts, games, and rides.  We headed in the direction of what I believe to be the most important of any good festival – the food.  There was something for everyone from pizza and burgers to Spanish empanadas and kabobs, but the true test of any good fair is the uniqueness of the deep-fried options.  Even if I wasn’t indulging in the tasty treats (bathing suit season is around the corner, right?), I always get a kick out what people are dipping in batter and throwing into a fryer.  Today’s menu did not disappoint with deep-fried Samoas and fried hot dogs.  Clearly these were a fan favorite as the line extended too long and too wide for my double-wide stroller to pass.  We chose to enjoy the perfect weather and bring our food outside.  The playground was conveniently located next to the picnic area, allowing children to let loose while their parents enjoyed the live music and their last sips of fresh squeezed lemonade.

Out little love bugs enjoyed walking through a forest of daffodils.

Out little love bugs enjoyed walking through a forest of daffodils.

Our next stop was through the craft corner.  Each tent had its own unique items from gourmet dog treats to Pinterest inspired projects that I could make “if I only had the time.”   Because I know I’ll never get around to it, I bought a wooden growth chart for the girls’ room.  It included free personalization and they accepted credit cards – both a plus in my book.   We skipped the rides, thinking that the girls were too small, but I secretly regret not searching for my favorite whack-a-mole game.  Oh well, I guess there is always next year.

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