18 Month Old Twin Schedule

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Our girls were first put on a schedule when they spent 5 weeks in the NICU.  Once they came home from the hospital we tried to follow the same routine.  Now that they are 18 months, we still follow a pretty consistent schedule.  It has been the key to keeping our sanity this last year and a half.

18 Month Old Twins

A consistent routine was one of the most important factors in getting our twins to sleep through the night. Obviously I have to have some flexibility in my day, especially when there is a special event, but for the most part, our days are pretty scheduled.  I like the routine of what to expect. I think the girls also respond best when there is consistency.  It must be the former teacher in me that craves a schedule.

As the girls have gotten older their schedule has obviously changed. There was a big adjustment went they dropped down to one nap at 13 months.  Now they only take one long nap in the late morning with a “quiet time” in the afternoon.  The rest of our day is filled with activities.

Here is what a typical day looks like in our house:

Twin Schedule at 18 Months

8:00 – Wake Up and Play in Crib

8:30 – Bottle of Milk

9:00 – Change diaper/Breakfast

9:30 – Play

10:30 – Get dressed. Nap

1:30 – Wake up from nap/Change diaper/Lunch

2:00 – Play/Run Errands/Go Outside/Go for Walk

4:00 – Quiet Time in crib with bottle and book

4:30 – Change Diaper/Play/Go Outside

6:30 – Dinner

7:30 – Bath/PJs

8:00 – Bottle/Bed

Do you have a schedule that works for your family or is your child able to go with the flow?  How has your schedule changed as your child has gotten older?

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